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Yes we can…be fooled again!

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So, Barack Obama is on tour in Europe. Wow! Politicians go mad to gain in some publicity, people cheer at rallies and the governments close the streets and spend taxpayer’s millions on security. Then nobody cares about taxpayers who are unable to get to work, are searched like criminals or spend hours in traffic jams. But hey, it doesn’t matter, Obama is in town!

I must admit that I watched Obama’s visit in Ireland with some sadness. The guy came like a rock star, streets were closed and the society which faces massive cutbacks paid the bill for elites’ fun. There was no resistance. Then, tens of thousands of people took part in the sectarian rally, in which Mr. Obama praised Ireland and spoke of great hope. The saddest thing is that these thousands of people, oppressed by the state every day, were crying while shaking Obama’s hand (as if he was Jesus), when in fact his presidency comes down to the slogan “Yes, we can fool you again and again!”. I mean the guy did not keep any of his key promises. Famous Health care reform is a piece of private market-based approach, which is a contradiction of pre-election promises. Cruel Guantanamo prison not only still operates, but its activity has been extended by Obama. What’s next? Obama’s NAFTA promise: we will pull the US out of the NAFTA agreement. Guess what? It never happened. There’s much more broken promises. It’s not surprising if we look at the list of sponsors of his campaign!

Despite these overwhelming facts, people are still blinded, and believe in some fictional change that Obama can bring. I mean, if your sponsor are J & P Morgan, Google, Goldman Sachs what kind of change can you bring? Tax relief for the rich? Patriot Act extension? And it really doesn’t matter if it’s Obama or any other politician. It might be Cameron or Sarkozy. A system based on the belief that some rich men in armored limousines represent our interests is a bullshit. They don’t and they never will. We need to represent ourselves. Nobody will do it for us. How many broken promises people need to realize that? So the next time there is no one at Obama’s rally.


Written by Kruk

May 27, 2011 at 11:29 pm

A list of imprisoned animal rights activists

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Here’s an up to date list of imprisoned animal rights activists. You can find it here. Please support those who spend years behind the bars for liberating tortured animals.


Please pick a person and write her/him a letter. You can’t imagine how important it is for them. For more information on how you can support animal rights prisoners log on to:

Written by Kruk

January 21, 2011 at 10:52 pm