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Riots and capitalism in England

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Recent massive riots in England have confounded all living in the belief that everything is okay. Especially that they occurred in the center of the Western world, which should be a wonderful example of democracy to poorer countries. So suddenly, main stream media, politicians and only Bakunin knows who else, began to ask the magic questions: why? Why these young people have so much anger? Who is guilty? And where were the police?

But the riots did not surprise most people who suffer on a daily basis from “the magnificence” of the western democracies. They only showed what is obvious. Capitalist society is in decay and only a small spark is enough to ignite it. There are tremendous anger and frustration out there. The anger that waits for any reason to explode. And if you’re living in this world trying to feed your family and pay all the bills you know this feeling is growing and growing. And you know it may soon come true in the form of uncontrolled aggression and plunder. Just like it happened in the UK. But hey, if you drive posh SUVs, your children go to private schools and clinics, and you travel first class, then yes it might be surprising. So the politicians are shocked now. Why this happened? These people have no reason to act like this! However, the truth is, they have lots of reasons and things won’t get better.

Unfortunately, these riots did not take a political character, but to be honest this is also a symbol of ubiquitous consumerism. Even during the explosion of anger the society is not fighting the cause of its misery, but steals televisions and iPhones. So Very Imporant David Cameron threaths: “You will pay for what you have done!” he said. It’s a shame he only refers to greedy kids but not greedy bankers. And he tries to hide the real reasons of such events, talking about criminals and looting. But who fed these people with the propaganda of consumption? Who persuaded them that they need all these fashionable clothes and big LCDs? Who made ‚Äč‚Äčthem believe that to be someone you have to have things? God? Che Guevara? Jim Morrison? Well, no. Politicians, corporations, neo-liberals, they all worked very hard to to convince people that they must consume to be happy. They call it economy growth. At times when people can not consume – because the government takes away their benefits, impose additional taxes and gives money to the fellow bankers – people start freaking out. So that kind of unrest has become a natural consequence of capitalism, which is based on social inequalities and consumerism. Politicians may talk about criminals, but they didn’t come from nowhere. The system has produced them, selling them hundreds of lies for decades.

Of course, the government already started a campaign of threats and exhortations to tighten penalties and law. They even began to evict the families, whose members participated in the riots. They began to talk about social networks blockade, although it is highly criticized if other countries do it. So we have collective responsibility now. But hey, what else can they do? These big brains are not able to get it: preventing crime is better than punishing crime!. And by the way the prison system does not work. After several years of incarceration you have guys with better knowledge and contacts to commit crimes. It is better to make sure that something will not happen than threatening menacingly after someone has already suffered.

Also, who needs the police when people have to defend their own neighborhoods? Suddenly it became clear that British cops are very peaceful and do not want to attack citizens. I wonder why they are not so peaceful during anti-government or anti-capitalist protests? For example, the famous G20 and violence caused by the police.

To conclude this brief commentary, riots were predatory in nature, it is obvious that most people who took part in them are not fighting for any cause. However, the reasons of these events go back deep into the heart of neoliberal ideas, which produce injustice and inequality. The riots were not political, but their causes, yes. These problems will not be solved by putting people in jail, and censorship on Facebook. You need to see the real reasons and start changing them. Also these riots proved once again how useless is the State and the police. At the end of the day the people had to defend themselves, and they set up a grassroots cleaning up of their neighborhoods. It shows where the strength and hope are.


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August 17, 2011 at 9:14 pm

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Battle In Seattle in Greystones!

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We’ll be showing another great movie this Saturday! This time we’ll be screening Battle In Seattle. The film depicts the historic protest in 1999, as thousands of activists arrive in Seattle, Washington in masses to protest the WTO Ministerial Conference of 1999. The World Trade Organization is considered by protesters to contribute to widening the socioeconomic gap between the rich and the poor while it claims to be fixing it and increasing world hunger, disease and death.

The movie takes an in-depth look at several fictional …characters during those five days in 1999 as demonstrators protested the meeting of the WTO in Seattle’s streets. The movie portrays conflicts between the peaceful protesters and a minority committing property destruction whose actions were widely covered by the media. Although the protest began peacefully with a goal of stopping the WTO talks, police began teargassing the crowd and the situation escalated into a full-scale riot and a State of Emergency that pitted protesters against the Seattle Police Department and the National Guard.

15th January 2011 (Saturday)
The Happy Pear
Church Road

This is free screening and everyone is welcome! If you happen to be nearby, please come!

Bombing in Greece

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Greece is on top among the anarchists throughout the world. This is understandable, the movement there is growing ever more, self-organization and protests attract thousands of people, riots break out in different parts of the country attacking the symbols of power and capitalism, and if these were not enough they turned out that the rulers were hiding that the Greek economy is in fatal condition. It irritated people even more and destroyed so little trust in politicians among the public. Recent manifestation of an open war against the state’s institutions are the bomb attacks carried out by radicals from the underground Conspiracy Cells of Fire, which have a proven track attacks on National Bank and Insurance Agency, Parliament, and probably the Ministry of the Press. Without going into a discussion about those attacks, it is worth to emphasize that none of the attacks caused no casualties.

The situation is somewhat similar to that of Germany at the time of intense RAF activity, with the difference that now the self-governing ideas are more expressive and useful, and the crisis discovered the face of capitalism among many of the supporters of neoliberal policies. In short, the Greek society is more conscious and willing to fight for their future. Contrary to the comments of the media business, the resistance in Greece is not the result of hooligans fights or empty vandalism / terrorism, and nothing fell silent after the December riots. It is the ongoing political struggle in the streets, universities, prisons, immigrant camps and many other locations. It is the opposition of the people, struggling with poverty, repression, exploitation and restriction of freedom. Of course, mainstream media are doing everything to make the resistance as the excesses of the vandals, not to mention the political aspect of occurrences, not to mention cooperatives created in different parts of the country. They won’t show hundreds of other projects focused on the democratization of any action. Media didn’t even notice that not only anarchists (aka disgusting terrorists) operate anti-capitalist activism, but also various shades of Stalinists, Marxists and others who want to seize power for “people’s good.”

In summary, events in Greece are the inspiration for anarchists from other countries who are watching with the hope their development and support the growing public resistance. Of course, this may be another brief episode in the history of capitalism and the struggle of anarchists might miscarry (which is, unfortunately, likely), but regardless of how it will end, every fight is the experience and knowledge we gain as well as local and international society. Any revolt, even defeat is a lesson or an inspiration for others. And as history shows the struggle for freedom and justice never ends.

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