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The bombs in embassies and scary anarchists!

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Last week we learned once again that in Europe, operate dangerous terrorists-anarchists sending bomb-letters to various embassies. These ruthless people desire to shed innocent blood and create chaos on the streets of the great capitalist cities of Europe, where governments and big business are trying so hard to fix the crisis for which taxpayers pay the bid. In fact, the image transmitted from the mainstream media puts everything in the whole: growing leftist terror in the streets, blood and more blood, and anarchists are becoming almost a European Al-Qaeda. Be careful when you open the fridge, you might find an anarchist with a bomb!

In all this turmoil no one will even think to ask anarchists, what do they think about it? Well, what for? We’ve got a comfortable excuse, a distraction from the real problems and a little sensationalism. A little more and it leads us to the scenario for an interesting political thriller. And that’s the point. Because those actions of this mysterious organization Unofficial Anarchist Federation, of which no one heard about, smell of fiction and provocation. Especially considering that in Italy it would not be the first time (eg, attack on the Piazza della Logia in Brescia in May 1974). Secondly, from an anarchist point of view attacks against random workers are pointless. Even the radicals from the Revolutionary Struggle cut them off from such actions. Similarly, the other anarchist organizations such as Swiss Libertäre Aktion Winterthur, are distancing themselves from these attacks and they have serious doubts about the authenticity of the Unofficial Anarchist Federation. However, obviously the media will not mention about it, it could introduce some confusion in black-and-white version of the neoliberal world. Thirdly, who would benefit from the killing the employees whether the Chilean or Swiss Embassy? I guess only people with mental problems could be thinking that after such attacks any anarchists would expect revolution or the destruction of capitalism. As for the anarchists, the only thing it may bring them is more repression. But it looks different the Italian Government’s point of view. There are ongoing violent and massive student protests in Italy, which the country hasn’t seen for many years. What does this mean? The rage of the people always mean the same thing, a threat to power and capital. So what can we do about that? Hmmm …. let us think. Frighten the public and divert their attention, creating an artificial enemy? Anarchist Flu Attacks! WHO warns of pandemic!

The thing is that anarchists do not sit at night, plotting in who is there to hit, thinking how to earn more money and have more power. They do not have blood on their hands of innocent victims in Iraq and Afghanistan, immigrants victimized in European prisons, the millions of victims of globalization and poverty in Third World countries, thousands of animals tormented on farms and laboratories. They are not intersted in bloodshed, they did not invent more and better weapons, they did not postulate moving billions of dollars on the war, when there is no money to feed millions of children. And even if you consider that they are sitting on their squats and are excited about murdering others, their targets are quite different than some innocent employees of the embassies. So who actually sent the letters, huh?


Written by Kruk

December 28, 2010 at 9:52 pm

A non-utopian anarchism

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You can’t hide the fact that the general seems to see anarchism as an utopia, an invention of idealists that can’t be realized. These comments usually result from an erroneous conviction of the fact that anarchists call for chaos and lack of control, not agreeing with the creation of organizations or associations, and if that was not enough they place their naive belief in human morality. And doesn’t it look like a utopia?

Of course, yes! Except that it has nothing to do with anarchism. These are the myths that have arisen over the years from a variety of reasons. To be exact, unfortunately, some environmental and leftist factions let people believe in these stereotypes. However, to put an end to these allegations of being utopian we need to straight out a few things

Firstly, anarchism is not an antidepressant drug, it won’t cause that every person in the world will be happy and free of existential problems. Secondly, anarchism doesn’t mean chaos, and only calls for a radical change in the organization of society, one that will give control and power in the hands of people. I emphasize the word control. Indeed it is feasible not only in the writings of Bakunin and Kropotkin, but also in practice. Examples from history, which I often mention in previous posts indicate that the self-organized cooperatives, unions or associations existed and still exist, developing the best forms of self-governance and self-contol. The organization of social life and economic development doesn’t need to be based on the handover of power in the hands of politicians, bravely pursuing the interests of the corporation.

Thirdly – the question of ethics. So anarchism doesn’t penetrate specifically philosophical discourse on whether a human is born bad or good. I would say even that, in its assumptions anarchism is more reasonable than the current system, because in the so-called democracy people enrtust in the goodness of a handful of chosen ones, who often respond to themselves , and society has no real control over their actions. I don’t even try to list all examples of what the rulers are capable of as I would probably use the whole capacity of the server if I would be willing to present only the proven crimes. So who is utopian here? What for many is therefore associated with youthful rebellion is in fact a specific doctrine, offering concrete change. It is researched and developed from many years by thinkers and scientists such as Proudhon, Bakunin, Kropotkin, Abramowski, Chomsky and Black or Thonar.

It is important to realize that the current social order exploits and discriminates masses of people daily, it degenerates them, it forces them into slave labor iincluding children and women, it tortures animals imprisoned in laboratories and destroys everything that is natural. It is therefore our duty to stand together in defense of those exploited as we all benefit from their work and existence. It is our duty to fight for the rights of humans, animals and the rescue of the environment. As we all benefit from their pain and suffering.

I recommend the full details – Anarchism. This is not utopia, but a solution.

Written by Kruk

September 18, 2010 at 9:08 pm


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Taking advantage of sunny weather on the rainy island, I sit for hours over the sea, reading a collection of writings by Edward Abramowski in the book “Brotherhood, Solidarity, Cooperation.” As history lovers know Abramowski was an ardent supporter of the cooperative movement and social cooperation, an opponent of capitalism and the exploitation of the workers. This book is not only interesting, but also motivating, because most of the cases referred by Abramowski (the beginning of the twentieth century) are still valid, and collectivism is still an alternative to the current, hierarchical organization of society.

The idea of cooperatives is really very simple and possible (proven by the examples given in the book). Of course, it’s a threat to the governments and capitalists, so from decades people are convinced that the self-organization is impossible and if they want to live in prosperity they need prime ministers, bankers, thirty years mortgages and other slavery overlays. But what do they really need politicians and bosses for? For work? Each of us carries out its work alone or in cooperation with other employees. We know how to do our job. The bosses are useful here only to give orders and take almost all profit. Do we need their control? Well, British Rochdale co-operative and contemporary workplaces (especially Zanon) in Argentina, the Zapatistas in Mexico, social centers in Greece show that not only we do not need the executioner, who will be observing and terrorizing us, but we’re able to organize ourselves better, while exercising direct control over what is done. People were told that in order to grow we need leaders who will carry out reforms for us, who will decide for us what religion should we , who will know better what we need and what we don’t. And of course, completely by chance the vast majority of all resources, means of production, land, money belong to a small group of capitalists, corporations or governments (in the case of dictatorships state). It belongs to our “leaders”.

Collectivism is therefore an alternative to the exploitation of the masses and the dominance of the rich, focused only on the widening of its revenue and power. Through its specific structure it ensures equity, stability and mutual aid. It’s not only-profit-oriented kind of economy, it’s not based on the oppression of others. It’s focused on the development and welfare of all members of the cooperatives. Because the good of co-perative depends on good of its members. At the same time it’s s an open activity, subjected to constant monitoring of the cooperative members. There is no parliamentary immunities, there is no banking secrecy, no thieves rate, no traps. Of course, building co-operative is an enormous challenge for the group, because it requires education and resetting your line of thinking from passive to active. You want to make a difference? Do it yourself. Do you think that something goes wrong? Don’t complain, create a better proposal. You have had an impact on what is happening around you. You aren’t the number, which is remembered by the elites, when the elections come.

The purpose of this note is not to discuss acurately the issues of collectivism, but to draw attention to the fact that the alternative organization of economy or local communities exist and are proven in practice. No coincidence that they are marginalized by the main discourse. Finally, ordinary people would enjoy them, not power or corporations. Especially that bottom-up self-organization is not only business thing, but also the development of interpersonal contacts, extensive cooperation instead of competition, concern for others, care for nature and ethics. It’s more than just a business. For those interested in the subject I would recommend this book, which would give you the practical advice, including logistical troubles and benefits of self-organization.

Bombing in Greece

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Greece is on top among the anarchists throughout the world. This is understandable, the movement there is growing ever more, self-organization and protests attract thousands of people, riots break out in different parts of the country attacking the symbols of power and capitalism, and if these were not enough they turned out that the rulers were hiding that the Greek economy is in fatal condition. It irritated people even more and destroyed so little trust in politicians among the public. Recent manifestation of an open war against the state’s institutions are the bomb attacks carried out by radicals from the underground Conspiracy Cells of Fire, which have a proven track attacks on National Bank and Insurance Agency, Parliament, and probably the Ministry of the Press. Without going into a discussion about those attacks, it is worth to emphasize that none of the attacks caused no casualties.

The situation is somewhat similar to that of Germany at the time of intense RAF activity, with the difference that now the self-governing ideas are more expressive and useful, and the crisis discovered the face of capitalism among many of the supporters of neoliberal policies. In short, the Greek society is more conscious and willing to fight for their future. Contrary to the comments of the media business, the resistance in Greece is not the result of hooligans fights or empty vandalism / terrorism, and nothing fell silent after the December riots. It is the ongoing political struggle in the streets, universities, prisons, immigrant camps and many other locations. It is the opposition of the people, struggling with poverty, repression, exploitation and restriction of freedom. Of course, mainstream media are doing everything to make the resistance as the excesses of the vandals, not to mention the political aspect of occurrences, not to mention cooperatives created in different parts of the country. They won’t show hundreds of other projects focused on the democratization of any action. Media didn’t even notice that not only anarchists (aka disgusting terrorists) operate anti-capitalist activism, but also various shades of Stalinists, Marxists and others who want to seize power for “people’s good.”

In summary, events in Greece are the inspiration for anarchists from other countries who are watching with the hope their development and support the growing public resistance. Of course, this may be another brief episode in the history of capitalism and the struggle of anarchists might miscarry (which is, unfortunately, likely), but regardless of how it will end, every fight is the experience and knowledge we gain as well as local and international society. Any revolt, even defeat is a lesson or an inspiration for others. And as history shows the struggle for freedom and justice never ends.

Check out my interivew with the greek anarchist.