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Written by Kruk

August 13, 2010 at 7:15 pm

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    After a time to inform comes a time to demand.

    As a complementary action to the usual ones we all do, we propose the setting-up of a monthly demonstration demanding the liberation of all the animals in the world.
    Taking into account each militant’s possibilities, we could either choose two big towns ( one in the north the other in the south) or divide each country into several regions ( one region=one town) where the monthly demonstration would take place. We could also choose towns where there are more militants….
    We quite obviously realise that demonstrating every month implies a real effort from part of everyone yet don’t we all aim at animals’liberation???…
    We suggest a static way of demontrating which is easier on account of the trafic. However, in each chosen town, the militants would be free to opt for different ways of aiming: standing-up still an silently holding notice-boards, silent circles…
    We want those monthly demonstrations to spread all over the world. We could, for instance, decide to do them on the first saturday of every month (same day, same hour).
    In our minds, animal liberation means the abolition of man exploiting animals’life, torturing, mistreating. It means the absolute end of experiment laboratories, slaughter-houses, hunting,animal breeding for fur and leather.
    We are quite aware of the fact that we’ll run the risk to be ordered to put those demonstrations to an end in such or such town. Then, moving to other cities might be a solution…
    Our claiming may seem exaggerated. Nevertheless, it is linked with a determined and determining wave of opinion.
    Our claiming may seem utopian but the people who struggled for slavery abolition were also considered as utopians…..
    We have been too patient, we have trusted the politics too long and have not even succeeded in getting trivial measures to improve animals’conditions. Moreover,the only laws that exist are not applied in France.
    We have been fighting for 150 years and we have not got real change: torturing bulls in arenas still exists,monkeys, rats, dogs…are stil taken to laboratories for vivisection, killing animals is still considered as something quite normal, animal slavery prevails everywhere on earth.
    Unfortunately, we are very few militants who aim at an absolute liberation of animals but at any cost, joining our forces, we must loudly claim that we want all animals liberation.

    Please, give us your point of view on that project. Will you follow us?

    Friendly regards

    Nath and Dom.

    We will begin on Saturday, March 3 2012

    Dom antispéciste

    February 6, 2012 at 2:59 pm

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