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Hey you, straight edge is not boring!

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When I became straight edge, many people did not understand my choice. Especially that I always liked to experiment with various substances. I really enjoyed it. I mean until then an integral part of the fun was the alcohol or other stuff. Now I can see it’s not surprising. Getting drunk / high just for fun is part of a western style. You work all week bravely paying off mortgage and filling boss’ orders. So what else can you do over the weekend to make yourself more relaxed? And if you need more you go further and you do drugs. Drugs are intended to give you something what is missing in your life. And yeah for example cocaine can give it for a little while. However at the end of day it’s all fake, it’s all poison, it’s all a part of being a slave. Drunk people are easy to be controlled. The truth is usually they end up in the pub complaining about everything. Sometimes they are aggressive but then they attack each other. And junkies? They can’t resist at all. After years alcohol or drugs become those things that make people happy, cheer them up or stimulate them. At same time they poison their bodies and minds though. It all has consequences.

Why it’s so cool to be straight edge?

It took me a while to understand that life without alcohol and drugs is much better. It changed when I became a dad. I didn’t want my kids to see me with a bottle of beer, to smell alcohol when I’m putting them to sleep or to see I’m in some way different. And when I stopped drinking and gave up on other stuff suddenly I could see things in other way.

But back to that question. I always ask: What’s so cool in being drunk? Vomiting? Fake joy? Hangover? Someone who drunk too much and became aggressive? Lack of control? Or the fact that from time to time you end up in bed with someone you wouldn’t really like to know. So here’s the thing with being straight edge. No vomiting, true joy, no hangover, no aggressive drunks, full control and you always end up in bed with someone who is the same person in the morning.

But it’s boring!

Now, lots of people associate straight edge with boredom. That’s actually the main thing you hear. So you go to the pub and you do what? Drink orange juice? How can you pick up a girl while sober? C’mon! But in reality why the hell should it be boring? You do exactly same things, just they’re much better when your mind is clean and works right. You meet plenty of interesting and cheerful folks, you enjoy great gigs, you attend events and make new friends, you enjoy your free-of-addictions family, you’re happy that your kids are not disappointed or scared by your actions. I also tie it with veganism so it means your body is healthy and you don’t support animal cruelty. Finally I can’t really see the reason why being straight edge would be boring. Unless you can’t enjoy life without alcohol or drugs. But it only indicates you have a problem, not straight edge people.

Everyone’s choice

Personally I think it’s everyone’s choice and alcohol/drugs are not evil if you know how to use them. But I think that our civilization is so much imbued with artificial values that we should refute several myths about the straight edge movement, because it is a great alternative. We need to let people know they can make other choices in order to be happy. Until recently, the straight edge was indeed associated with the hardcore scene, but in times of consumerism, more and more people are recognizing its benefits. It’s not a subculture thing anymore.

It’s not surprising though. Junk food and GMOs are flooding our plates, corporations tell us that we need to take drugs to be healthy, and we can achieve happiness only after drink or joint. This way a healthy life free from addictions remains an alternative for those who do not want to become victims of someone’s interests, who see life differently, and looking for real values. Someone might say that Western civilization is based on the hedonistic and destructive attitudes. Wild parties, hard drinking, coke, crack, food from McDonalds, etc. Sounds like a good weekend for many. That’s true. But guess what, we weren’t straight edge our entire life too! People grow up, people change. If anyone feels it’s time for change, this change will come. And straight edge might be a change you’re looking for!


Written by Kruk

October 28, 2011 at 9:44 pm

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