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Activism is not a party

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It is worth to remember what is activism. Especially when we see increase of activists. The problem is they’re more interested in fun. Well, to be honest activism is not a fun. It is often hard work, risk and fatigue. Often a series of major failures and small victories. In many cases, activism means many sacrifices and inconveniences: makes you broke, you don’t have time for yourself or you’re living on the edge of repression. In other words it’s not a party!

I think everyone likes concerts, parties and meeting friends. But let’s straight it out here: we need actions. It’s nice if you come to Vegan Cafe and have a great evening. It’s nice if you go to solidarity gig and pay five quid to help antifascists in prisons. But let’s be honest, you don’t need to go to concert to support other folks. It’s fun for you but it’s not activism unless you organise it.

So we’ve got a number of people who attend gigs, parties and they reckon they do a great job. I mean, I’m far from criticizing anyone who likes fun. Fun is not bad. We should however realize that the struggle against capitalism or the exploitation of animals is another matter. This requires a particular attitude and the dedicated people instead of party people. Of course, conformity, or rather the consumption of alternative lifestyle visible among many activists is not surprising. The specificity of the current consumer system affects activists in all fields. We’re all indoctrinated by corporate propaganda.

But at the end of day someone has to do the job. There are hundreds of important things that should be done straight away. But they’re not really fun. They may be boring, tiring or even frustrating. However, when we see hundreds of smiling people at the parties, we only see a few of them during real actions. That’s not right.

So hey, you want to change the world? You want human and animal liberation? Get involved and work hard! But if you’re looking for something different, there are many ways to have fun or expressing yourself. Otherwise you just distract those who do the job and might count on you.


Written by Kruk

July 10, 2011 at 11:57 am

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