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The Future for Animals in Ireland 2011

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There will be a great conference on Animal Rights in Ireland soon! It’s all about sharing experience, reporting on progress, networking, and “recharging our batteries.” It brings our movement together under the banner of animal liberation from all forms of human oppression. We discuss and confront the terror perpetrated every day against billions of innocent, sentient nonhuman animals.


DR. Jery Vlasak

The Abolitionist Struggle and Fight for the Freedom for Animals. Rebuilding the Abolitionist Revolution.

Dr. Roger Yates
Why People Protest and Take Direct Action – and Why They Must.

Greg Kelly
Why would a Rational Human Being Eat Meat?

Ed Long
The Campaign Against Fur in Ireland. What now?

Bernie Barrett
Problems faced by Irish Badgers.


Jerry Vlasak USA (born circa 1958 in Austin, Texas) is an American trauma surgeon and animal rights activist. He is a press officer for the North American Animal Liberation Press Office, a former director of the Animal Defense League of Los Angeles, and an advisor to SPEAK, the Voice for the Animals.

Roger Yates is a lecturer in sociology at University College Dublin and the University of Wales, specializing in animal rights and social movements. He is a former Animal Liberation Front (ALF) press officer, and a co-founder of a number of “Action Groups” opposing various industries that exploit nonhuman animals. He is currently involved in Vegan Ireland, the vegan society of Ireland.

Greg Kelly. USA – is a renowned grassroots animal rights activist and inspirational abolitionist speaker – has been to demos in almost a dozen countries as well as all over the United States. He was first known for his work in NYC, helping to bring Huntingdon Life Sciences (vivisection laboratories) to its knees when they were kicked off the New York Stock Exchange. Since then Greg has helped many activist groups and strives towards total liberation. He is now the President of the newly founded Band Of Mercy in North America.

Ed Long – grassroots activist in Ireland, organiser for ALiberation, a Dublin based animal rights group, and committee member of Vegan Ireland.

Bernie Barrett- co-ordinator of Badgerwatch Ireland and well-known Irish animal rights campaigner.

This event is organised by THE ALLIANCE FOR ANIMAL RIGHTS. PO Box 4734. Dublin1. For more information ring Bernie Wright at 0872651720 email: bigbrownrat@gmail.com

All monies raised will go to help the poor of Jalalpurjattan, Pakistan.

12th July 2011
Buswells Hotel,
Molesworth Street, Dublin 1
Entry: 5 euro per person.

Please come along folks!


Written by Kruk

July 3, 2011 at 10:27 am

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