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Vegan family – why are you doing it to your kids?

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Well, I received several messages from the poor revolutionaries, who complained that in recent weeks I focused primarily on the animal rights. Obviously they don’t have anything against animals, but they claimed they would like to read comments also about other subjects, especially with a lot happening in the Middle East, Madison (U.S.) and in Ireland itself. I mean I’m an anarchist too, so I must also care for criticism of capitalism and the politicians, at least once a month! Now the thing is I have already put together the note below before, so there is no choice. Once again I will tell you how great it is to be vegan. However I promise that the next texts will deal with something else.


When people find out that my entire family (wife + child and a half:) is vegan reactions fall into two categories. I must honestly say both usually contain the word “Wow!” So we have two reactions, one is like Wow, seriously? It’s so unusual! and other is like Wow, why the hell you do it to your kids!?

Well, the answer to the second reaction is very simple. Because I love them and want to teach them to love! However, I must frankly admit that running a vegan family in the world based on meat, dairy and animal exploitation is not easy. All the time you have a feeling that Social Welfare worker is going to pop out from behind a bush to see if your child doesn’t eat only tablets, visiting relatives requires bringing food with you and going out becomes much harder. But hey, watching your own kids playing with the animals and seeing their faces full of happiness, empathy and health is worth every discomfort.

Wait, wait! Say what? Yeah, I know it can be surprising. Happy vegan children? Healthy vegan children? What? Hell yes! Try to ask the three years old boy would he kill a cow to eat her? I asked a few times, each time my son stared at me like I was an idiot. I mean, look at it from child’s point of view: first you go (just like other parents) with him on the field to show him how cute are cows and calves, and then immediately after this you propose: Hey, let ‘s go to the store to buy a dead cow and let’s eat her for a dinner? I think that if someone first showed me some lovely animals, and then suggested we should eat them, I would also have thought he/she is an idiot!


First, however, is the issue of health. They always begin from that, right? There are dozens of typical behaviors of people, frightened grandparents, not to mention doctors, who in a vegan diet … see the devil in person. Much of it goes to a characteristic way. They think: Okay, you’re a vegan, you want to do it yourself, your business. But the children! These are just kids, how dare you not give them milk? They surely need calcium! Oh Jesus Doesn’t Loves you, how can you not give them meat? Surely they need protein!

It is not important, that vegetable protein is better absorbed by the body and Calcium can be obtained from many other plant products. In fact, the vegan diet for the whole family is super healthy option! Studies conducted by nutritionist Malgorzata Desmond on vegan children in Warsaw have proven that they are healthy and they are doing great! But the most important thing is that the diet must be well balanced. Just being vegan does not make you eat healthily.

If you want to feed your family healthy, you need to learn what to eat, what to avoid, b12 thing etc. As with every diet it requires to pay attention to what you eat. Anyway in a scientific sense a well-balanced plant-based diet is absolutely healthy and recommended for adults, children and even pregnant women. So the argument that we all need animal products – or we will soon get sick and tragically die – is a myth.


Besides the issue of health there are still a lot of stereotypes, which influence the estimation of vegan families. First of all, veganism is perceived as a form of extremism. In the end, you need to be a fanatic if you don’t to want to be part of mass atrocities. It’s quite logical, isn’t it? Eating dead bodies = you’re a nice fella vs Not eating dead bodies = there’s something wrong with you, did you try to talk to doctor? And vegan children need to be in that case, the victims of fanatical tendencies of their mad parents!

Sometimes I have a feeling that in the social sense, there has been some sort of transformation of values. I mean eating hamburgers is ok, but eating lentils is disgusting. Wearing fur is a status symbol, but not using drugs tested on animals is stupidity. Getting drunk is fun, and being straight edge is boring. Many people have to make a lot of money on such beliefs!

That’s why vegan family provides facilities not only for healthy nutrition, but also to develop real values. Especially for children, which personalities are shaped during the first few years. Through love and empathy present in home they will be able to become better people. This in turn means more happiness and more opportunities for good life.


The family is the basic herd for the human animals. This is where we learn social behavior, perception of the world, sensitivity, etc. What we learn in a family we bring to other people and the rest of the world. So teaching respect for nature and non-human animals is not an extreme, it is an incredible lesson that can make that people will get better. Vegan family is a great experience for every child raised in a spirit of compassion and joy.

For me as a dad (the best dad in the world of course) it is a wonderful opportunity to build ties with my children and participate in the development of their sensitivity. It is simply a state of unity, in which the family shares the same values and fully accepts cruelty-free choices of its members.


Written by Kruk

May 5, 2011 at 9:03 pm

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