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The bombs in embassies and scary anarchists!

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Last week we learned once again that in Europe, operate dangerous terrorists-anarchists sending bomb-letters to various embassies. These ruthless people desire to shed innocent blood and create chaos on the streets of the great capitalist cities of Europe, where governments and big business are trying so hard to fix the crisis for which taxpayers pay the bid. In fact, the image transmitted from the mainstream media puts everything in the whole: growing leftist terror in the streets, blood and more blood, and anarchists are becoming almost a European Al-Qaeda. Be careful when you open the fridge, you might find an anarchist with a bomb!

In all this turmoil no one will even think to ask anarchists, what do they think about it? Well, what for? We’ve got a comfortable excuse, a distraction from the real problems and a little sensationalism. A little more and it leads us to the scenario for an interesting political thriller. And that’s the point. Because those actions of this mysterious organization Unofficial Anarchist Federation, of which no one heard about, smell of fiction and provocation. Especially considering that in Italy it would not be the first time (eg, attack on the Piazza della Logia in Brescia in May 1974). Secondly, from an anarchist point of view attacks against random workers are pointless. Even the radicals from the Revolutionary Struggle cut them off from such actions. Similarly, the other anarchist organizations such as Swiss Libertäre Aktion Winterthur, are distancing themselves from these attacks and they have serious doubts about the authenticity of the Unofficial Anarchist Federation. However, obviously the media will not mention about it, it could introduce some confusion in black-and-white version of the neoliberal world. Thirdly, who would benefit from the killing the employees whether the Chilean or Swiss Embassy? I guess only people with mental problems could be thinking that after such attacks any anarchists would expect revolution or the destruction of capitalism. As for the anarchists, the only thing it may bring them is more repression. But it looks different the Italian Government’s point of view. There are ongoing violent and massive student protests in Italy, which the country hasn’t seen for many years. What does this mean? The rage of the people always mean the same thing, a threat to power and capital. So what can we do about that? Hmmm …. let us think. Frighten the public and divert their attention, creating an artificial enemy? Anarchist Flu Attacks! WHO warns of pandemic!

The thing is that anarchists do not sit at night, plotting in who is there to hit, thinking how to earn more money and have more power. They do not have blood on their hands of innocent victims in Iraq and Afghanistan, immigrants victimized in European prisons, the millions of victims of globalization and poverty in Third World countries, thousands of animals tormented on farms and laboratories. They are not intersted in bloodshed, they did not invent more and better weapons, they did not postulate moving billions of dollars on the war, when there is no money to feed millions of children. And even if you consider that they are sitting on their squats and are excited about murdering others, their targets are quite different than some innocent employees of the embassies. So who actually sent the letters, huh?


Written by Kruk

December 28, 2010 at 9:52 pm

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