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Capitalism by Michael Moore

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Yesterday I had a chance to watch Michael Moore’s latest Capitalism: A Love Story. This document should become a must for all those who entrust politicians, banks and financial institutions, living in the belief that the current system of democracy is the result of natural or social order. There were dozens capitalism critics written or filmed by different people. I’m myself the author of at least a few. Why, then, Moore’s film is so special? Well, because it shows what capitalism is in practice, he exposes it and shows as it is without shining lies of economists. At same time he’s not focused on the statistics, slogans or scientific names which can be found in many studies. In return, Moore shows the individual stories of victims of the system: evicted families, laid-off people, dying towns and overall degeneration. The movie fully exposes the corruption of politicians, corporate greed and large-scale corruption. The director shows it simply as it is, trying to even talk with some of the capitalists.

Howver it’s not the end, the movie is not only extensive criticism. The film in fact shows what is most important – an alternative to capitalism. Moore shows the self-organization: several thriving businesses, whose owners are the workers. In these companies there is a direct democracy, collectivism and egalitarian management. You may use several names here, but it’s always the same. As it looks among Argentine workers or Greek anarchists once again we can see broken myths of capitalism like the hierarchy, the need for the boss, or the sacred principle of making a profit in the first place. Now things can look different, the workers-owners of these companies concentrate on the common good, and all decisions are to serve the common welfare, not the President and shareholder interests. Here we come therefore to what the anarchists propose and what they fight for. For example WSM, FAU or IP. We do not need government and bosses in order to develop and perform our work well. Current system can not be adjusted, it needs a radically change and return to the sources, ie the value of sharing and mutual aid which are the force of society.

The film emerges, therefore, revolutionary (and, moreover, true) conclusion. Capitalism is evil and should be eliminated as soon as possible. It is the negation of all true values of life. Its effect on a global scale is the only progressive poverty, exploitation and destruction. We can’t modify it, improve or get rid of some shortcomings, because the system is built to exploit and destroy, its purpose is not to serve people but provide huge income to small groups of bourgeois crooks and rich criminals. So revolution is inevitable, is a natural consequence of enormous harm suffered by ordinary people and thousands animals each day, not only in America but around the world. Our task, however, is to make sure the revolution has not turned into another period of transition. Power to the People!


Written by Kruk

September 23, 2010 at 9:16 pm

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