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The siege of Palestine and the morality of the West

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Information that comes to us regularly from the Gaza are a symbol of the collapse of Western civilization and the hypocrisy of the values that supposedly represent the developed countries. Indeed, Palestinians have become victims of the true face of neo-liberals who put profi and businesses with Israel before the life of the inhabitants of Palestine. In face of cruelty and terror carried out by Israeli troops, subtle chastising of the West remain just a pitiful attempt to hide the truth about the ghetto, created by those who once were themselves trapped in ghettos. Moreover, the Israeli agents do not hesitate to even use fake passports of Western countries, as demonstrated by the assassination of Mahmoud al-Mabuha.

There’s a large quantity materials relating to the life in the Gaza zone and the documented repression of Palestinian people. Just go here or watch these movies to learn more. To be fair we must also condemn the terrorist attacks, for example, managed by Hamas. Not onlythey don;’t help in the matter, but largely undermine the Palestinians. However, even these attacks can not justify the scale of physical and psychological violence, which civilians are subjected to every day in Gaza.

It is a mistake to think that the representatives of the European Union, the United States or even countries such as Ireland don’t know this. They not only know but probably know more than we do. After all, politicians and corporate managers put the fate of innocent people in the last place in the list of their priorities. Israel is too valuable business partner to risk its loss. Similar mechanisms operate in their relations with Russia (the question of Chechnya) or China (the issue of Tibet). Contracts, sales, tenders, trade and profits – all of this is more valuable than the destroyed communities. So such wonderful liberty and equality eulogists as Barack Obama and Chancellor Merkel are happy to send troops to Iraq for the sake of democracy, but accidentally on the Palestinians they are no longer so eager for any action. The issue of Palestinian confirms what has proved the current economic crisis. Just as corrupt financial elites, political elites are eaten away by corruption and moral gangrene. And the hypocrisy that emanates in its policy exceeds any possible ethical measurement.

The case of Palestine is so symbolic for us, inhabitants of the ‘democratic countries’, which are involved in the crusades in Afghanistan and Iraq. Thanks to many activists (some of them even lost life), we can see the real face of the people governing us, to see who our leaders do there where we can’t look at their hands. It may lead to the unambiguous conclusion that the system which allows that can’t be fixed, it needs to be replaced to make ethical values the priority of existance. Furthermore, it is particularly sad and scary at the same time, the fact that a nation with such a painfully history is able to admit to such dreadful crimes.


Written by Kruk

September 20, 2010 at 8:31 pm

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