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Anarchist hip hop

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Independent music had variety of roles for many years, ranging from inspiring topics discussed in the articles, and ending on promoting ideologies and open provocation to action. Often too the music becomes a prelude to activism for the younger generation. Unfortunately, anarchy is permanently assigned to the punk sound, and for most people anarchy equals punk. I don’t want to penetrate here this subculture, to which I am personally somewhat skeptical. Anyway it is worth noting that more developing style advocated self-organization / anti-capitalism is a hip-hop. Of course we are talking about hip-hop involved politically, rather than commercial with the ladies moving various parts of their bodies and menacing gangsta-masta.

Paradoxically, this style is a bit ignored in the movement and associated more with the hooligans which is why lots of scenes did not appear to have well-recognized representative of the composition of anarchism, as is the case in other countries. In France we have a charismatic Keny Arkana, Greeks have Javaspa, Comrade Malone in England and Swedish Looptroop. What is important these squads play an important role in the activist music scene , often appearing at rallies and involving yourself in activities. For example, Keny Arkana set up the organization of La Rage du Peuple, working in Marseille since 2004.

Hip hop is a specific genre, but as stressed Javaspa in his lyrics this music is born in the ghettos and politicized from the beginning. So this style associated with anarchism is something natural, perfectly fits the lyrical struggle against capitalism and globalization. It embraces everything associated with modern revolutionary thought. All those who combine anarchism with punk only, I warmly recommend refer to the above mentioned bands. In my humble assessment they go deeper than punk music.


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