"the freedom of all is essential to my freedom"

human and animal liberation


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Indian tribes are often characterized by a harmonious life in community. Without private property, without borders and fear of substantive issues. Everything was focused on simple life in harmony with nature, accepting their weaknesses for the good of community what means for tge good of all members of the tribe. Fear – of losing job or the letter from the Tax Office and bank, boss’ bad humor – these things were totally alien to them. Among other things this is where their strength was lying (though in different parts of the globe thet still live this way.)

Now, let’s look at our western civilization. We live in constant intimidation of dangerous terrorists or employers who graciously decide on our fate or the state that can always find the right rule to rip us off or the banks, which speculations provide continuing concerns about owning / maintenance of the house – in dark ages something natural, now a symbol of luxury and enslave of the masses. The constant stress and anxiety cause that we create a docile and vain society, fulfilling the will of rulers, walking in crowds to corporations for shopping and politely working for the financial elite. We naively believe in television news, which scare us even more with the material instability mainly: crisis, crisis, sir oh my fekin’ God! 100 jobs to be cut! Wall Street panic! Euro soars down! We’re all gonna die!

From many years fear is the method used to enslave people, manipulate and gain power. Looking at it from a distance, which we can learn from Native Americans, let us ask: why should we be afraid of banks, why should we be afraid of the bosses? Whether they are our owners? No. The Earth is for all of us, we all have a right to live here and live with dignity. We do not need thirty years to pay off our mortgage, we don’t need to perform humiliating obligations. The planet does not belong to them, or they are not our masters. Now let us go on, let’s get this fear out of our societies, let’s refuse to live under the pressure of elites. We can run self-organised economy, communities and lifes with dignity not submissive. And when this happens we will start to liberate ourselves of these bonds the state, materialism and fear. Then let’s ask: do we want to live without one thousand cameras on our streets? Do you want to have your own house? Do you want to work with dignity and live in peace? If so, then … simply live like this. Let’s do it ourselves, without terror and intimidation for the benefit of elites. Not afraid of more hidden fees in the loan contracts, a policeman with the gas, throwing us out of the house or another corporation, destroying our environment and culture. Let’s resist together against of what exploits us, and let’s build other solutions, based on other values. Fear is very effective, only when we submit to him. If society has the strength and scourage to stop being afraid, it may begin to operate as it wishes, in accordance with its own will and not the interests of the rich and politicians.


Written by Kruk

September 10, 2010 at 9:22 pm

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