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The film “Land of Women” reminded me about an important issue, which paradoxically struggling independence movements. The document tells about the situation of female Zapatistas that despite changes, constantly have to fight for their rights. They deal with the prohibitions and injunctions that restrict their freedom. Paradoxically, it might seem that a society that rebelled against the power of the state and capital is made up of people conscious enough to guard against discrimination in her womb. And yet the video shows otherwise. Though perhaps it looks better now (the movie was done more than 10 years ago).

I made a short reconnaissance among the female anarchists from Poland and several Western countries and found that there are some complaints too. My friend from Germany, antyfascist pointed out that on several occasions she met with skepticism regarding its usefulness (as woman) in combat actions, a Polish friend pointed to the contempt of women matters in the debates carried out within the movement. The same thing said the British anarchist, which indicated an action of anarchofeminists during a congress in London last year. And the other person pointed to “positive discrimnation”, which was manifested by the fact that she felt treated better than men. Superficially it might seem trivial, but it turned out to affect the relationships with other activists, working for the same project.

Another important issue is still little involvement of women in politics which means that the independence movements are dominated by men. Perhaps it’s a lack of interest in politics and perhaps the effect of chauvinism used for many years before women have acquired the relevant rights. Over the centuries, they were objectified (and still are in lots of places), and their role was confined to household activities and person serving the men, who dealt with “major issues”. They were prepared to serve, not to create, to listen, not talk. Anyway, so far in many parts of the globe emancipation is torpedoed from all sorts of absurd reasons.

Therefore, as men we should strongly encourage women to politicization and activation. We must prove by our attitudes that they have exactly the same rights as well as to help them in the fight for issues close to their hearts, to generate a common form of cooperation. In particular that their absence among the anarchist movement weakens and reduces the chance of change. It is difficult to change the world without half of its population. The revolution must be a revolution of both sexes (genders), cooperating on an equal footing.


Written by Kruk

August 15, 2010 at 7:12 pm

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