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The test of civilization

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Why talk about animals again? THAT’S WHY. Once again, I came across a film made by PETA, which, unfortunately, is worth remembering. Unprecedented levels of cruelty to animals is enough reason to remind once again of their rights. In numerous laboratories around the world thousands of animals continue to suffer. The second thing is the naive belief of people on these tests. In my activist life I had many meetings and conversations with pretty intelligent people, who believed that animal tests are needed, that without them, humanity will fall and cruel scientists simply choose the lesser evil. Others felt that the animals are treated well, and indeed beyond the small experiments nothing wrong happens to them. In the end no one ever gave pregnant baboons foetuses nicotine by implanted tubes or didn’t break mice spinal columns, right? Of course, it was not bad will of my interlocutors but only lack of proper knowledge and the effect of corporate propaganda, which wants to convince people to this type of lie. The truth is such that animal testing is a obsolete method , more the heartless habit of industry than a real need. Also the research results are often unusable for humans. Scientists themselves admit that these methods are unnecessary bestiality and they can use modern technology. There are even experiments carried out in such obvious matters as the fact that alcohol harms foetuses or cigarette smoking really kills, or other completely trivial reasons. PETA video shows the reality of the laboratories. Tortured cats, monkeys, rabbits, mice, cats and other animals. PETA video shows abuse, absurdities and explains how it is redundant. Unfortunately, despite the overwhelming weight of evidence, documents, records, all these things still happen every day.

Since not much is changing and the industry continues to operate, we must fight even harder. The struggle for the liberation of animals is a moral obligation. It is a challenge thrown to the current system, which violates the rights of animals in the name of profit. It is a struggle against corporate cruelty and corruption of politicians, legalized by modern civilization. It is a war that must be won.

By the way, I found also another movie. About the other organization:


Written by Kruk

August 14, 2010 at 8:22 pm

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