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Icelandic voice of the people?

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Last week the media reported that the referendum will be held on the repayment of over $ 5,000,000,000 bankrupt bank Landsbanki customers. Recall, in 2008 Iceland experienced a severe financial meltdown, and the largest banks operating in this small country became insolvent. Note that these were private banks that have collapsed due to mismanagement and recklessness of managers. Naturally, politicians and bankers quickly decided will turn the repayment of debt to the Icelandic society, despite the fact that residents of this small island had nothing to do with the errors committed by private financial institutions. Therefore, the society decided to react and forced the government referendum on this issue, Therefore, the society decided to react and forced the government referendum on this issue, that just might decide on its future.

This is important information, because as yet it is the only major manifestation of the social pressures that forced politicians to act forced politicians to act in accordance with the expectations of people . Society in many countries such as Ireland, Great Britain, the United States and Spain, which have been hardest hit by the crisis, have not been able to resist the plans of the ruling and has already begun to pay off debts of greedy bankers, speculators, developers, politicians and Bakunin knows who else. Of course the main culprits are generally unpunished case (except a few exceptions – some of them were fired, getting a record severance pay). It is difficult to predict the results of the referendum campaign. The capitalist lobby will certainly be huge and Icelanders will probably be subjected to terror, which appeared in Ireland before the second Irish referendum on the Lisbon Treaty. If they will vote for NO, they won’t enter the EU. If they will vote for NO, they won’t get money from the International Currency Fund. If they will vote for NO, the Loch Ness monster will eat them!

After all, if they will reject the plans of politicians and object to them severally, it might inspire the rest of the countries. Perhaps the people in Spain, the USA, Greece (well, there already did their lesson) will understand that it is up to them whether they will pay for the greed of others? Perhaps the voice of the people of Iceland will be an example to others? Time will tell!


Written by Kruk

August 14, 2010 at 7:00 pm

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