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Consume yourself

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Consumerism is visible everywhere, in the workplaces, in schools, in families and in the streets of “civilized” world. The reversal of values has already acted to the extent that the enrichment and the acquisition of products has become a meaning of life. We don’t possess things that we buy, but they possess us. We are their slaves. Capitalists stubbornly convinced us that we need dozens of clothes, cosmetics, iPods and gadgets. In order to feel fulfilled and satisfied. As if without them, our life was something worse, and we were someone worse. This in turn leads to the degeneration of human, driven solely for profit and consumption, building up the selfishness and materialism. We want more and more at every cost! Only I count, my mood and what else I can buy.

Not only anarchists point to the need for disposal of materialism, this theme appears in almost every great philosophy (even Jesus talked about this!). In addition, the scale of consumption leads to exploitation and waste of resources and the enormous quantity of food. Yes I know, this is a slogan used for many years, which gives poor results. But after all, consumers should know that their lack of moderation in the end strikes themselves. Not only in African children forced to the murderous work, not only in the Amazon jungle. The crisis has knocked on the Western world, and this is just the beginning of how capitalism might collapse (driven by consumption) in the future. Another crisis may hit Western consumers and their children. It may hit their way of life, destroying everything that has been built on false values. If Western societies don’t rise up from the bottom, it is not a question of whether this would happen but the question of when it will happen. Trees and oil won’t last forever.

When we are tempted by television ads and colorful billboards, let’s remember that the value of life is not measured by a pile of money on our account or a luxury car in the garage. Consider, therefore, do we really need a tenth of a pair of shoes? Have any animal suffered when this hand cream was done? How many hours worked seamstress in El Salvador sewing this shirt? Indeed, the true values are mutual help, love, freedom, empathy, cooperation. We don’t need to have so many of the things that we have already or are planning to purchase. Life makes sense without them. Happy life is life in a free community / family based on real values and not enslaved by consumerism society, buying happiness in shopping malls and devoid of accountability and rectitude.


Written by Kruk

August 13, 2010 at 8:35 pm

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