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In fact, I approached this production with skepticism, knowing that it’s written and directed by James Cameron, creator of the Titanic and True Lies, which is representative of a typical commercial cinema. However, under the influence of friends and harcesz’ forcible persuasion, I went to the cinema and experienced a pleasant surprise! The film simply shows what environmentalists and anarchists speak for many years, but here the message is transferred to a mass audience. This brings us to the most important issue. For the average viewer this film presents the future when people are looking for raw materials and they won’t stop at nothing, including mass murders, to get it. Oh, such a warning, surrounded by great special effects and touching story.For me, however, this film presents the present reality, referring to the Zapatistas of the Mexican jungle or even the Indians in Peru, or Indians in Panama.They are subject to regular terror controlled by corporations and state authorities, who want to grab more oil, cut down more forests, destroy more wildlife to be richer than they are. For the indigenous inhabitants of these areas situations where their areas (inhabited for generations), their homes are destroyed by the bulldozers are not storyline of the film, but a cruel reality. It’s already happening, just not in our backyard (at least not so directly), so it seems to us that far.

Here, however, begs the question whether the Avatar will guide people on a good path of thinking? How many spectators will understand that the civilization of capitalism is a cancer on the Earth and we have to fight it now, not in a few years? Indeed, in contrast to the film’s characters, we have no Eywa, deity which comes at the last minute to save the world.


Written by Kruk

August 13, 2010 at 10:04 am

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